USSR(UNION OF SOVIET SOCIALIST REPUBLICAN)that is RUSSIA now,is one of the leading powerful and developed nations of the world now.It has a very dynamic history that started with Russian Revolution in the year 1917.The king that time in Russia was known to be Jar,Nicolous Second a very tremendous revolution occured during his time in Russia.The main hero of Russian Revolution was Lenin,who took this revolution at it’s peak and the result of Russian Revolution was USSR was formed as Soviet Union by the strong bonding of fifteen nations into it,and Ukraine was among the countries who joined forces with Soviet Union in 1922 and thus USSR was formed.And later Ukraine separated from USSR in 1991,and thus USSR was divided into fifteen countries with 70% of the total area of USSR original area and rest 30% in the divided area of fifteen countries,so the dissolution of Soviet Union(1988-1991) involved the process of internal political,economic and ethnic disintegration within the Soviet Union,which resulted in the end of its existence as a sovereign state.After division USSR was divided into:Armenia,Azerbaijan,Belarus,Estonia,Georgia,Kazakhstan,Kyrgyzstan,Latvia,Lithuania,Moldova,Russia,Tajikistan,Turkmenistan,Ukraine and Uzbekistan.

Cause behind Russian invasion of Ukraine:-

From 1991 to 2014 everything was going fine with Ukraine and Russia,but in the year 2014,Petro Poroshenko was the president of Ukraine who was in favour of Russia,that was making Ukraine understand about not being a member of European Union any time in future as European Union includes it’s members into NATO(North Atlantic Treaty Organisation) and all the countries of NATO battles together against any country that objects or fight with any of the countries who are members of NATO.But Ukraine wanted to join forces with European Union and be a member of NATO,and this would be the biggest danger for the existence of Russia,when these nations against Russia will be by their neighbouring sides in Ukraine and this will create the situation of war anytime,because we all are aware about the cold war and all the battles going on between USSR and USA.But Ukraine citizens were willing to be a member of European Union(EU)but president of Ukraine did not approved but Ukraine citizens agitated against the president for his decision and thus he flew to Russia to save his life in 2014.Then a government formed in Ukraine which was going to include in EU and as a result of it by getting upset over the decision of Ukraine,Russia attacked Ukraine and captured Cremea and made it a part of Russia thus gained complete control over Azov sea,and easily the whole control of black sea was in hands of Russia.As a result of the Russian victory the western powerful countries with the aim of weakening Russia,the group of eight powerful countries G8 disqualified Russia from its membership and became G7.In the year 2015 MINSK Agreement was signed between Russia and Ukraine in which both agreed to peaceful rule and Ukraine agreed with Russian terms of not joining EU,but in 2017 Ukraine again going to join NATO,but this decision again triggered Russia because none of any countries can tolerate harm to their national unity and strength.To deal with this situation Russia captured Cremea,and declared Donetsk and Luhansk as independent nations due to separatists revolt there and Bellarus has army base of Russia set there and thus by all sides Ukraine can be easily attacked if joined forces with EU nations.And this situation of being a member of NATO by Ukraine is the only reason Ukraine is facing such a dangerous situation at present.Russia was preparing its troops to attack Ukraine but postponed it from the due date because of Beijing Olympics,and as the Olympics ended Russia invaded Ukraine by declaring Ukraine as independent nation by the letter written to Russia from Luhansk and Donetsbk for military help and thus even UNO can not do anything to it according to rules of its articles 7.On 16th of February UNO informed of attack on UKraine by Russia but on 24th of February Russian army invaded Ukraine in the form of military help.The overall conflict and war is all about Ukraine being member of NATO.And Russia only wants Ukraine to never be a member of NATO.

Consequences of invasion:-

It has created very serious situation in the world all the countries are on serious talks about this situation but none of the so called powerful nuclear power countries are helping Ukraine even on its willingness of joining NATO.None of the countries can still start any kind of attack on Russia.The people of Ukraine are fighting for their nation,a lot of lives finished,only and only blood,deaths,a serious threat to humanity but the main aim of Russia is to make its sovereignty and strength for future safe and secure.Vladimir Putin the president of Russia has been planning for this invasion from a very long time, serious protest going against Putin also but he is very well prepared to deal with this situation.On the other hand Ukraine president Volodymyr Zelenskyy is also with a determined will of fighting for his nation,presently no one can forecast the outcome of this war,but Russia is facing loss of trade outside its country whether import or export.India has been neutral to this situation and many more points that is getting updated every seconds but the main cause and present scenario of this Russian invasion is all summed up here.India is also getting affected from it as trade has faced decline in Russia we may face these situations from this war like situation:- 1)Rise in price of petroleum and gas cylinders used by common and middle class people in our country. 2)The supply of medicine has declined to Ukraine as this situation has prevented trade routes and people are facing lots of problems for their survival. 3)The Indian quantity of wheat export has been going up. Various impact on world by the present situation.



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